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The English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), as required by 19 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 74, Subchapter A, §74.4, outline English language proficiency level descriptors and student expectations for English language learners (ELLs). School districts are required to implement ELPS as an integral part of each subject in the required curriculum.

The LPAC Framework Manual includes clarification of the legal requirements for LPACs, and provides documents and forms to facilitate the training of the LPAC members. This manual integrates federal and state laws, 19 TAC Chapter 89/Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 29, Forms and Resources, and the LPAC training PowerPoint.

The PGC Network works in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to determine, establish, and maintain a Texas PGC Initiative as applicable to grades kindergarten through twelve.

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Private Non-Profit Title III, Part A Services details the responsibilities that local educational agencies (LEAs) have in providing equitable Title III, Part A services to eligible private non-profit (PNP) school's English language learners (ELLs), their teachers, and other educational personnel.

Special Education Fiscal Support provides additional funding for eligible Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to secure evaluation staff, related services personnel, and/or special education teachers to fill short-term needs in the area of initial evaluations, compensatory services and extended school year services (ESY).

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