Progress in the General Curriculum (PGC)

The PGC Network was discontinued in September, 2019.  This website will no longer be updated.  Please visit the Inclusion in Texas website for updated information.  


Do you have students in your classroom that have an IEP? 

Is your child receiving special education services?

Do you go into the general education classroom to support students who have an IEP?

The PGC network's goal is to provide support for people who are involved in the education of students with disabilities to ensure they make progress in the general education.  

  • The PGC Network works in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to determine, establish, and maintain a Texas PGC Initiative as applicable to grades kindergarten through twelve. Education Service Center, Region 20 coordinates the 20-region PGC Network, which provides professional development and technical assistance to school districts, schools, and charter schools focused on all students with disabilities being involved in and showing progress in the general curriculum through curricular and instructional adaptations in the least restrictive environment.

    For information on the other statewide networks, visit Statewide Technical Assistance Networks on TEA's website. 

  • The TEA staff will be releasing a web series to provide information on House Bill 3.  Presentations are released on Thursdays. 

    Upcoming topics include: Compensatory Education, Special Education and Dyslexia, Reading Practices and Future Changes to K-2 Assessments, Teacher Incentive Allotment, and more.  

    You can access the web series at 


  • Cara Wyly
    Project Manager, Progress in the General Curriculum Network
    (210) 370-5413